Saturday, March 23, 2013

The camping trip that wasn't and other adventures

We'd had plans to go down to KY for spring break to find the warmth that was evading us here
and enjoy the beautiful countryside while camping.
Storm Ukko had other plans however and after a miserably cold night with
many mishaps and misadventures
we admitted defeat and got a hotel room (:

The rest of the trip however was just perfect.

We love road trips and it was such a joy to see the cute Rodgers.
To see a bit of their life in their beautiful home with a lovely front porch
and a view straight out of a movie.
We were smitten to say the least (:

They took us to their favorite antique mall where we perused with ooohs and ahhhs
and the occasional gasp over an outrageous price tag or awkward find (right Breanne? ;))
Then they took us took their home and fed us a yummy dinner
while we talked and laughed for hours about the joys of marriage.

We also stopped by the Creation Museum and gawked at the life sized replica of
Noah's Ark. I think I fell in love with Husband a little more as he expressed awe over and over again
for Noah and his sons skill and ingenuity in building the ark.
He walked around that ark soooo many times examining this angle and that angle (:
I have always admired the ark but grew to admire a different way in seeing it
through the eyes of my carpenter husband.

Kentucky was just as gorgeous as we hoped
(even with snow as the backdrop instead of spring flowers :))
and spending time with good friends was such a delight.
One of our favorite spring breaks yet.

Thanks for having us Rodgers,
we sure do like you a lot!

P.S. not picture: the rest of the Rodgers family
Sadie dog, girl cat, and boy cat.
All chock full of personality and their own distinct role in the family.
Remind me again why having pets in a small apartment in the city
is a bad idea?? (:



  1. I would be the one to find probably THE ONE awkward thing in the whole store, ha!
    Thank you for your kind words about us and our humble place of dwelling ;) We had so much fun with you guys and would love to have you back soon. Maybe when we have a guest room finished, hmm?

  2. These are so so lovely Alyssa!! I love THEM ALL. I think the ones where y'all are driving are my favorite, excellent job capturing the blue in the sky. It's so perfect <3