Tuesday, March 12, 2013


It snowed.
I'm halfway through spring cleaning.
I daydreamed of fresh flowers, roadtrips, and thai food
while rocking my littles to sleep.
I worked out.
I braved the Post Office (the post office ladies here are meeeeean!)
but after I waited in line for awhile I was informed they were
closing early. So tomorrow I must brave it again.
We made fun plans for what to do tomorrow in between meetings here and there.
I found our Christmas thank you notes.
(Oh crap. Thought we mailed those)
I didn't wear my winter coat and pretended I was warm.
I thought it was Wednesday.

It was a happy kind of weird day (:


  1. Please don't ever stop posting on here. I like it too much ;)

  2. I agree with Breanne! It's enjoyable reading about life through your eyes. Don't lose hope that Spring will come and stay. I promise, it does eventually happen.