Monday, March 11, 2013

Good Morning

its such a beautiful morning.
We have our window slightly open and there's such a delightful cold breeze drifting in,
bringing with it the fresh scent of rain and a sense of newness.
Our home smells of lemons and eucalyptus plant,
which really doesn't smell medicinal at all,
more like a flower shop.
I've been elbow deep in lemon cleaner deep cleaning our 
little bathroom while Josh sleeps in.
But right now I'm taking a few moments to sit
and enjoy my coffee and the sound of birds 
back from their journey south.

As I sit here and take in the moment, 
I wish I could stay here for hours.
 a feeling of renewal,
 and an utter contentment mixed with a desire to move forward.

Praise God for spring and spring break,
it was much needed.

Hope you have a happy Monday,


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