Sunday, May 19, 2013


This morning as we were heading out of the city
we saw a vehicle that had just been in an accident 
and so stopped to help.
I should mention that this was at 4 in the morning,
on the expressway,
on a bridge,
just a scary situation all around.
As we were helping the woman who had been in the accident
(she's fine by the way, she was unhurt and just a bit shaken)
someone hit our vehicle and then just drove off.
It wasn't a very bad hit, but there's a little bit of damage
and since its a hit and run that means
we don't get insurance reimbursement.
Which means husband will pull
out his man skills and try this and that
and this and that to fix it.
And he probably will eventually fix it,
but we will most likely have a damaged
vehicle for at least a couple months.

But that is not the point of this post (:

It easily could have been so much worse, 
and I'm so grateful that wasn't God's will.

I'm still kinda ticked that someone else's selfishness has/will cost us so much,
but I'm humbled to consider how God has blessed
and protected us.

And I am so very very grateful.


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