Sunday, May 19, 2013


So beautiful.
We explored downtown and the Distillery District and loved it all.
Toronto is so patriotic with hints of England all around.
We also saw the C&N building
(did you know its the tallest building in the world?!)
So inspiring.
We were in awe the whole time (:
Can't wait for Niagara tomorrow!


P.S. the weather channel told us it was going to be in the 40's,
it was definitely 70 ish degrees the whole time.
Such a wonderful surprise (:


  1. Oh my word, such good images captured! Enjoyed this post a lot. And thanks for sharing along the way :)

  2. Coffee from a patisserie, how fun.
    So grateful to God that the two if you are getting this chance to relax, enjoy, and explore, after such an intense school year.
    Thanks for sharing through pictures, it's fun to see.

  3. This puts me in the mood for an adventure!! Your pictures are lovely, Alyssa! Great job! Enjoy Niagra!