Thursday, May 16, 2013


Husband just finished and turned in his last whoop dee do paper
of the semester, which means the spring semester is 
officially OVER!

Let the wild rumpus (aka summer) start!

Of course he didn't tell me this until after we had been home
10 or so minutes and as I'm tending to my sunburn
(hazard of warm weather nannying)
and I ask "hey, hows your paper coming?"
Josh -"Good. Really good actually, I'm all done."
Me -"Oh thats great!! How is proofreading going?"
Josh -"Good.... All done actually. I'm done done with the paper. 
I've already turned it in and everything."
(The paper wasn't due till tomorrow,
just so you know I wasn't being a complete idiot....)

Anyway after this there were exclamations of excitement
and then a proclamation that we had to celebrate
and ten minutes later we were off to our favorite celebratory spot (: 

so SO proud of this man 
and so excited for this summer. 
For lots of adventures big and small
and time together.

Congratulations my love, 
well done (:


P.S. Sorry I can't seem to take a self portrait of us without my face
taking up the whole shot.
I really didn't think I was that narcissistic :P 

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  1. So So proud of my brilliant son at Moody. Even if I don't biologically have anything to do with how wonderful my Josh is, he's still my Josh!! Much applause from this little corner if the world!!