Monday, July 15, 2013

A good one

This weekend was SUCH a good one.
I woke up feeling loads and loads better on Saturday so we decide to carry out 
our original plan of escaping the city for greener pastures.
But before we left we stopped at a couple estate sales
and man did we hit the jackpot!
A gorgeous vintage blanket, a train set, a few records, 
some beautiful vintage and designer clothes, 
a mini grill (which has been on our wishlist for a looong time)
and some christmas lights to top it all off!
All for just dollars,
we were over the moon (:

Then we drove off into the hot summer sun until we reached
this forest/lake preserve I've been wanting to check out.
We found this lovely little hidden spot that was just begging
to be enjoyed and picnicked in.
So we did,
and it was perfect.
We picnicked, rested, and soaked up the sun to our hearts content.
Just wonderful.
And if that weren't enough to make the day pretty much 
my favorite yet, then we drove to a drive in movie
and saw Despicable Me II!
Sooooo much fun!

Sunday we accidentally slept in waaaay past when we should
have been up and off to church (oops)
so we stayed home and worked together on this project and that.
Such as weeding the backyard, and boring stuff like that (:
But it was so much fun and restful in its own way to work hard together.
Now if we can just figure out how to kill those dang
weeds so they never ever ever come back....

And that was our weekend!

So good, 
wish we could do it all over again (:


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  1. What a sweet, happy post! I'm SO glad you got a break from feeling icky and time with your love in the sunshine. My favorite picture is the one of your sandals, but really I enjoyed all these pretty, sun-filled ones. ;)