Monday, July 29, 2013

A Saturday's Plans

 The weekend to do list was to go to the the new Heritage downtown
and get some coffee and for Josh to pack, for we had sound/media early then 
he had to be off for camp.
Oh what plans we make (:
Instead, we woke early and took one of my littles adventuring with us.
Heritage was not open, so we drove here and there around downtown
looking for another one of the coffee shops on our coffee shop to do list.
And we found Dollop! Such a beautiful light filled coffee shop
that was just perfect for our overcast chilly morning 
(um 55 degrees in July?? what is this?!)
Then we headed over to my favorite park,
that has a beautiful backdrop of the city and is right by the river
so you get to see lots of boats and such
which elicits lots of "whoa! BIG boats!" from little boys (;
But it was very very chilly and our legs started getting little bumps 
all over so we headed over to Trader Joes to
push around their little baby carts and pick up a few groceries for the week.
On the way we passed a pop up vintage bazaar 
and of course we stopped,
 because you don't just pass these things on a cloudy chilly Saturday (:
It was so much fun walking around with little man
looking at this and that and giving our thoughts
on red couches and vintage train sets.

And then we were off to Trader Joe's which apparently doesn't
have the baby carts on the weekend because they are a safety 
hazard with the heightened traffic on the weekend.
We were bummed.
But the free samples of cherry juice definitely made up for it (;

Then little man had a nap, and we went to an Army Reserve store
for cool camp stuff (it was SO cool!)
and then we play with lots of cars 
and other boy stuff till it was time for little man 
to eat and go to bed and high time for us to go home.

Where we stayed up very late and Josh packed and packed and packed
and I shook my head at him for being so last minute (:

I love living in the city,
and I'm beginning to love the days 
when plans go all awry 
and the day turns into a beautiful
wandering adventure.

Happy Monday!


P.S. Another wide open parking spot! What??!!

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