Tuesday, July 30, 2013

An Introduction

I promise I was telling the truth awhile ago when I wrote that I wasn't
going to be a nanny anymore.
We were certain that that season of our lives was done 
and that it was time to move on to other things.
It broke our hearts a little, I loved nannying.
It was such a great job for me and us and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
But as I said, due to A LOT of reasons
we were certain that season was done.

God obviously had other plans (:

A friend who is also nanny (who is moving.... so going to miss her!)
approached me a couple weeks before I was finishing and told me that 
her nanny family was still looking for a replacement and that she had
mentioned me to them and they were very interested in meeting/interviewing me
would I be interested in meeting/interviewing them?

So husband and I talked and talked and talked and talked a little more
and decided as long as I was very clear that I wasn't sure
I wanted to nanny anymore it wouldn't hurt to keep
the door open for a job, you know just in case.

Long story made a little shorter,
this job/family was everything that we had been hoping
and praying for in the next job for me
(they even have a dog! which has secretly been on my wish list since I started nannying :))
and it was very VERY clear that this is where
God wanted me to be.

So blog,
meet my little men (:

They are the sweetest, wildest, cleverest little men you'll ever meet
and I am so so honored to be a part of their lives.


P.S. Another parking spot! Seriously. 

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