Monday, July 1, 2013

Grateful For

These lilies.
Just when I think they couldn't get any bigger
or more beautiful,
they do.

Summer sun.
For how alive it makes my skin feel
and how delightful it makes even the most mundane of tasks.

Because in days thick with humidity it can be hard to find.

I wish I transitioned with it a littttle better,
but I love how it grows and changes us.

Especially the playlist I listen to every morning while biking.

My bike.
I LOVE biking the city.
And biking while listening to music?
Life changer.

To help stretch out my bike muscles.

My favorite adventurer companion,
best listener, and kindest friend.

Our neighborhood.
I'm not sure if its because of traveling and 
seeing our little hood in a new light or because
summer came and it IS in a new light,
but we have a new appreciation for where we live of late.

Sorry its been so quiet over here lately,
I haven't had much to say oddly :P
We've just been working hard,
adjusting to change,
and enjoying each other.

Happy July! 


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