Sunday, July 7, 2013


I've been sick with a stomach bug for 4 days.

Feels more like 2 weeks.

Add on to that a migraine.

Add on to that a dairy reaction because the girl
at the bakery gave me misinformation.
Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.

I decided to bake husband a pizza today,
why would I do such a silly thing you ask?
Because a friend of mine just had a baby and instead
of bringing her a delicious, paula dean inspired homemade meal
(like all good christian wives are supposed to)

I'm sending pizza.

Pizza which my hero of husband wishes he could
have but he feels bad for his very allergic to dairy wife 
and won't eat dairy laden pizza anymore.

So I'm making him a dairy free pizza.
In 95 degree, 97% humidity weather,
without air conditioning.

He probably wishes I would have just bought him ice cream instead.


Ugh to the stomach bug. Ugh to the failure at being a proper christian house wife.
Ugh to attempted redemption at said failure of being holly homemaker.
Ugh to high humidity. Ugh to migraines. Ugh to dairy
reactions that seem to have no end.
And ugh to the monday morning thats coming quicker
than I can possibly prepare for.



P.S. I'll probably feel much better tomorrow and feel very embarrassed
by the emotional immaturity of this post and delete it
for sake of saving face.
So if you're reading this,
lucky you.
Will you teach me how to be holly homemaker?

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  1. So sorry you've been sick, pretty lady! That's no fun. We all go through times like this, but you put a cute, funny spin on it ;) Thanks for sharing how you honestly feel. Love you :)