Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mushy Stuff

So this guy, the really handsome one with the mischievous smile up there,
had different plans for my birthday.
As in TOTALLY different plans.
Well thought out for the perfect execution plans.
But when he got home and assessed how I was doing in his quiet 
observant way, he changed everything
so that I would enjoy my birthday to the fullest extent.
 I am so proud of this guy and that night I was amazed
to watch him come up with an amazing
night on the fly.
Really impressed.
He rocks my world (:
Did you know that happened when he proposed to me too?
Oh yeah.
He had this grandiose plan of taking me out on a boat
to an island where a romantic candle lit dinner would be set up, etc, etc.
It was going to be AMAZING
(or so I'm told ;))
but the day came that he planned to ask me to marry him
and it was cold, raining, and super windy.
So he changed the whole plan
and what actually happened was so beautiful
and precious that I can't imagine it being any better.
So he's really good at this whole changing up plans thing,
although I think he's hoping that at least once his original
plan will work (:

And thats my mushy gushy for the day.
I just really love Joshua Burkhardt
and on my birthday I was extra in awe that 
he loves me and loves me so well.
I am one lucky girl/woman
(now that I'm 24 am I considered a woman or a girl? 
now I really want to know :P)


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