Thursday, August 15, 2013

Picnics and self portraits

I'm not sure why this is the first picnic I've blogged.
We have them all the time
I guess from biking and desiring to carry as little as humanly
possible in the attempt to only sweat as much as necessary,
I don't carry the camera with me very frequently and hence don't
get pictures of these very frequent picnics.
on Monday I hopped on a train after work and
met Josh where he was working up north 
and then we grabbed some Thai 
and went to our favorite secret spot.
Where we talked about how unseasonably cold it was,
how we need to learn how to make Thai food so we stop ordering it,
how enjoyable riding the L is when you can sit down,
and other random things.
And then we attempted to get some pictures of us.
Which never works well,
either my nose is in focus, or his forehead is,
but hardly ever are they both in focus.
Oh well.
We'll just keep trying anyway (:

In other news,
 this happened last week 

One of husband's birthday surprises,
I feel so edgy now (;



  1. Picnics are some of my favorite things too! And I totally get the need to just leave the camera and be in the moment. Thanks for sharing these happy-filled, sunlit images just the same though!
    Also, I have a jacket very, very similar to the one you're wearing here. Oh and did it hurt to have you're nose pierced? You're a brave woman. It's cute ;)

  2. Such a great jacket! I love that we match unintentionally match (:
    As to the piercing, it wasn't bad at all! It did hurt but only for a minute or two, the soreness for the next day or so felt worse than the initial pain. Ha! I'm such a wimp (: