Sunday, September 8, 2013

Thinking About...

~Its the end of summer beginning of fall but you wouldn't know
it looking at our yard. Everything is so green and new flowers popping
up every day. Um hey pretty flowers, where were you in spring?

~Oops to not blogging for a week....
I always forget the adjustment period to Josh being back in school 
and needing the computer back, because school trumps blogging.

~ little boys poop a lot.

~Its fall cleaning time,
but didn't I just spring clean like last week?

~Hello September! 

~I think our email acccount is losing emails...

~I could listen to Nat King Cole all day

~I'm waiting till the first cool day to watch
"You've Got Mail".
Its my favorite fall movie, last year I watched it 11 times.
I have no shame...
or self control apparently.

~I need to write more handwritten letters.

~Maybe I should work on responding in a timely manner
to phone calls, texts, and emails first.
Small steps, small steps.

~Nickel Creek has been playing constantly in our home.
It will keep playing (along with the civil wars and allison krauss)
until Christmas music takes its place

~We got measured the other day,
we're both really short.

~We also got x-rayed the other day
and our xrays were remarkably similar.
I guess this whole pursuit of unity
thing is really working.

~pumpkin latte's!

Have a good weekend!


P.S. We did do stuff last weekend and this week
AND I have pictures to prove it.
Proof will be shown soon.

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