Thursday, October 17, 2013

Apple Picking

I am really sick with the stomach flu right now,
but I really want to get these down and out
for memories sake.

I love apple picking.
I love wandering through the orchards and fields.
I particularly love wandering through 
with Josh and taking ridiculous pictures (;
This year was one of my favorite yet I think.
The weather forecast called for rain and lots of it 
(oh the irony :P)
but this was the only weekend that was going to work.
So we packed our umbrellas and off we went.
And as you can see the weather forecast was totally wrong!
It was beautiful!
Just perfect really.
We spent a couple hours wandering,
ate some sweet potato fries,
(I ate most of them :P)
and went to a friends house for lunch
before heading home.
On our way home we took the Chicago Skyway
which is what we came through when we first moved here
almost 3 years ago.
They charged us an arm and a leg back then too,
but oh what memories (:


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  1. So sorry you've been sick! Hope you feel better and conquer that mean ol' sickness. Lovely post, m'dear! Your happy faces made me happy and, as always, I love scrolling through quality photographs :)