Monday, October 21, 2013

Hello Monday

 Hi! Hi! 
If I were to call you right now I would apologize
that its been so long since we've caught up,
because I'm just terrible at regularly keeping up with people....
and I would ask how you're doing.
Then when you asked how I'm doing I would tell you I'm well.
That Josh is doing well in school and I'm loving my job
and we are thoroughly enjoying the city and fall weather.
Then I would probably giggle and ask if I had told you about kickboxing?
No? Oh girl you're going to get a kick out of this!
(no pun intended)
So Josh is perusing sale sites a few weeks ago and found a deal on kickboxing
and mentioned that he'd like to do it, so I pipe up 
"oh I think that would be fun! Can I do it too?".
Too which Husband is shocked and asks me several times if I'm sure 
and then expresses how he would be super impressed and thinks it 
would be pretty sexy if I really did want to do it.
"Then of course!" I respond quite pleased with myself for impressing Husband.

I should have known.

Fast forward to last Monday when we show up to class
and as Josh is paying for parking I peek inside and see people 
wrestling and punching each other.
PUNCHING each other.
"Whoa! This is not kickboxing!"
I exclaim in freaking out mode
"We're supposed to stand in line and punch the AIR! What is this?!"
And it only got more intimidating and scary as we got inside....
girl I could not believe what I had gotten myself into!
But we did it.
Josh was in his element.
It was so fun to see him pick it up really fast and excel.
He was quick and agile and ninja like.
It was really cool to see.
I on the other hand kept getting reprimanded for bouncing.

I made it over halfway through and only stopped then because I was
wearing glasses and after getting hit a couple times
in the face the danger of my glasses getting broken became
a very real danger.

And I'm totally doing it again.
If only for Husbands face after class (:

So yeah, that's my kickboxing story.

He wants to do a tough mudder next.
I guess I should start training like last month huh?

And after you got done laughing at me
(because seriously how ridiculous is that?)
I would ask what you've been up to,
are you well?
I would listen and laugh with you over this and that.
Then I would tell you I miss you and again I'm really sorry
for being so bad about calling regularly.
Can I call you again tomorrow?
Because I just realized husband is still asleep and
 we have a chiro appt in 30 min.

Ok, great!
Have a wonderful day my friend!

and thank you so much for the sweet conversation,
I'm so blessed to have you in my life.

Happy Monday (:


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