Friday, December 13, 2013

Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree

 We went to the Christmas market last Saturday night
with some friends and it was so beautiful and sooooo cold! 
Think single digit degrees cold,
seriously cold.
We kept ducking in and out of the mall across the street to
 warm up and explore some more.
Then we headed to Macy's to see their Christmas tree
and had a blast trying out this couch and that 
while enjoying good friends and good conversations.
We did get a picture of the two of us
(thanks Patience!)
but bloglovin keep turning it sideways?
Whats with that?
Does anyone know how to fix that?

Because we look kind of cute and I vainly want to show off my husband (;


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  1. Hi there! I was wondering if you still used poshmark? Sorry to bother you like this on your blog, but I really wanted to get something from you off of there and wanted to see if you still used it. Again, sorry You have a lovely blog xxx