Thursday, December 12, 2013


Ack! Where did that week go?!
I came down with a monster cold on Sunday
and life just kind of went into survival mode from there.
Wake up, go to work, cough cough, sneeze sneeze, run and play monster,
come home, go to bed. A cup of chamomile tea, rinse and repeat (;

Josh has been deep in the throw of finals
and is allllllmost finished.
He's finishing up his 6th semester now. 6th! Go baby go!

I know I'm becoming a broken record,
but we are so so SO excited to get down to FL for Christmas!
We had a -20 degree wind chill today
and we are so looking forward to that sunny warm
weather while celebrating the ones we love (:

Someone called me "young lady" today and it was
such a sweet nostalgic compliment.

I got a package from my GG today.
I don't think I will ever be too old to squeal over a package from GG.
Although Josh did beat me to opening it....

I found a yellow dress as Salvation Army and recognized the designer
so when I came home I looked it up and it was $288 new last year
going for $4.50 that afternoon at Salvation Army.
I didn't buy it.
Hows that for anti climactic?

Merry Christmas Season friends,
I'm glad you still read my sporadic randomness here.


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