Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Winter Wonderland

This has been the perfect Christmas season.
The snow, oh the snow! It has been just magical.
The other day I was out with my little man
and it started just pouring snow.
So we made our way to our park that has the biggest field 
and just danced and ran and played in it.
And had an epic snowball fight of course (;
You would think we would have had enough of it by now,
I mean its been snowing off and on for a few weeks now,
but we're still enchanted by it (:
Our days lately have been full with preparation for our Christmas roadtrip,
listening to NPR, going to all sorts of fun things with friends,
and drinking lots and lots of tea and spiced orange juice.
It has been marvelous, just marvelous.
I am cherishing these days and hiding these times away in my heart 
to pull out and reminisce in the years to come.
As I sit here and make a playlist for our roadtrip
 (any recommendations?? we have 17 hours to fill :P)
our home is so full of warmth and christmasy with lights everywhere
and preparation tucked in every corner.
Present to be wrapped, clothes to be packed, to-do lists to be finished,
and it is such a beautiful thing.

Happy Christmas season dear friends,
I hope that your days are likewise full of joys and unexpected loving!


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