Friday, March 7, 2014

Snow, Summer Dress, & Countdowns

~Its snowing again and its absolutely beautiful
It is beautiful each and every time.

~We ate at Bang Bang Pie the other day and it definitely
lives up to all the hype! And they have the coolest outdoor space,
cannot wait to spend time there in the summer.

~Little man and I have been going to the Conservatory a lot.
Poor guy has been sick and the warmth and clean air
(and plenty of space to run :)) really help him.
And the warmth and sun always make me feel so much better
and makes me think about gardening.... again.

~We've been eating breakfast.
Can you hear my Mom praising the heavens?
One day a couple weeks ago I hadn't really slept
and just was not ready for the day and our sweet roommate Patience
was making breakfast so I sat down and joined her
and it made the day SO much better!
So now I have a little toast with blackberry jam and a cup
of tea before heading out to the craze of the day
and it has been such a lovely change of pace to my daily rhythm.
So yes, Mom, you were right and I should have started eating
breakfast when you told me oh 10 years ago (;

~I've been hanging out at the Art Institute
and I just get lost in the beautiful art and sunlight of that
amazing space

~We are in love.
Forever and always.

~I bought a summer dress.
Why did I do that?!
I was dreaming of summer days in the park with my little men
and next thing I know I've bought this dress on ebay!
I guess it was a good investment of Christmas $,
but considering how I have all but 4 pairs of socks without holes
that would have been a much better purchase.
But I don't want to buy socks.
I apparently want to buy summer things.
So no more browsing ebay and dreaming of summer at the same time.

~ Ireland. 9 days. Florida. 27 days.


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