Thursday, March 6, 2014

Dear Little One// 11 weeks

Dear Little One,
It was such a delight to meet you!
You were bouncing here and there and everywhere so that our midwife
had such a hard time getting a picture and measuring you which meant
we got to see you a long time.
It was wonderful!
Every second was precious and you just kept waving at us
and then bouncing off to here and there again.
I was so proud of you, even though the midwife was quite frustrated with you (;
Oh well my little wiggle worm, next time you can behave and hold reeeally
still and win her over ok? Because we kind of want her to like us.
We really didn't get a good picture of you,
but I will never forget that moment of holding my breath to 
see if you would actually be there,
and then,
there you were.
You were there in all your wiggly glory and our hearts burst
with an audible sigh of delight.
We are so in love you.

Turns out my dates were right on and you will most 
likely be joining us sometime around Sept 25
(feel free to come a bit earlier though ;))
Oh I am SO relieved that you are so healthy (and apparently very happy) in there! 
We'll be sharing the new of you with other people soon.
We'll tell my little men and their parents soon,
(they're going to LOVE you!)
then we'll tell our family when we see them in April,
and then the rest of the world sometime after that.
Although your Papa wants to tell everyone and anyone right now!
He keeps talking about doing this and that with you and how
he can't wait till you're here. He adores you already (:
We've been waiting for you a long time little one 
and now that you're here we can't wait for each new stage
of our little family to begin.
But right now enjoy the safety of your warm home and keep
growing healthy and strong while we love and prepare for you.

We are so happy you're here and meeting you
today was just surreal.


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