Sunday, March 2, 2014

When you save your giftcard for years and years...

...and you wait sooo long because you're waiting for your dream Broadway
show to come to town. And then it does. And you take that gift card and you cash it in
and the sales associates are kind of surprised that you've held onto
 it for so long and make comments communicating such.
Then you start counting down the days until its YOUR day to take your ticket to go see your show.
The day comes. 
You put on your red lipstick that makes you feel like lady
and you get on the L with your favorite person and away you go.
You go see your dream show.
You maybe cry a bit because it is so very beautiful 
and its more wonderful than you even dreamed it would be.
The whole night is a dream and one that you know you will
cherish the rest of your life.

So yay for dreams come true
and giftcards that don't have an expiration date (:
and an extra yay for favorite people who
ooh and ahh over everything with you and cherish the night with you
as if it was the very thing they've been dreaming
of doing all their life.


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