Monday, March 3, 2014

Dear Little One// Week 10.5

My Dearest Little One,
Today was a BIG day!
We had our very first Dr's appt!
We went last night to get an official pregnancy test 
(we should have done that long ago but didn't know you were supposed to :P)
and today we met with a Dr and set up an appt to meet
you and make sure you're doing ok.
I am SO excited!
They'll do lots and lots of tests on me to make sure my body is 
functioning well to enable you to grow as big and healthy
as you can and then they'll stick this camera like thing
on my tummy and we'll get to see you!
I know its silly little one,
but I'm kind of nervous to meet you...
and I'm scared you're not there.
But I KNOW that you are here my sweet child
and my joy trumps that sliver of fear in nearly all moments,
but it is still there.
I sometimes so struggle with wanting to DO something.
Something to help and protect you,
something to somehow communicate with you
to see if you are still here nestled within me and doing well.
And I'm not the only one,
your Papa keeps talking of this big project and that big project
to do in preparation of you. He wants to paint a 
whole wall countdown for you!
He loves you a lot (:
But don't think you need much and so there's
really not that much to do to prepare/buy
so we're left praying and fighting fear in preparation and love for you.
And I'm pretty certain this is the dance of parenthood
we'll be doing our entire lives now that you're here,
so now is a pretty good time to begin learning the steps of this
beautiful parent dance and trusting and believing Christ in new ways (:

I am so happy you're here little one.
Our Dr asked us lots (and lots and lots and lots!)
of questions and one was whether this pregnancy was wanted,
and when she asked the question she looked up at us
and said "nevermind, I know the answer to that"
and wrote "YES!" on her paper of answers.
It was a sweet moment.
I think we are glowing with the joy of knowing that you are here (:
But the truth is, my dear little one,
you are wanted with every ounce of our beings and we are just
overwhelmed with joy that you are here.
We can't wait to officially met you in 2 days.

I love you.


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