Sunday, April 27, 2014

Baby Oh Baby!

Oh goodness, it feels so good to be talking publicly about this precious baby.
Its all we've been thinking, talking, and dreaming about these past few months (:
Honestly it took us quite awhile to feel like it was really
truly happening, this miracle that we've
been yearning and praying for for years now.
But these past few weeks Little One has been
moving and grooving like nuts so it felt like
it was time to share our joyous news.

I am nearly halfway through the pregnancy,
Little One is 18.5 weeks along and due in September.
So far baby is as healthy and happy as can be,
loves early mornings, 
burgers and rootbeer,
and the sound of Papa's voice.

We are SO excited and cannot wait for September! 
Let the wild rumpus start (;


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