Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Weekend

 Consisted of~

Lots of yummy food
including buttercream donuts and tomato sandwiches

Counting sweet baby kicks

Yard saling and having a sweet
ukrainian man have the hardest time
believing I was pregnant and keep saying
"well I guess some mama's show and some don't"
with a thick ukrainian accent of course
poor guy

More tomato sandwiches.
I am really into tomatoes right now.

Demolishing our to do list.
Although, to be fair it was mainly Husband doing the demolishing.
Vacuuming and everything! 

Intending to go to church,
but waking up sick (again. stupid cold)
so having a coffee date and talking about baby stuff instead.

Meeting our friends newest little one
and realizing that that will be us in just a few months.

Telling the Facebook world about Little One
and reading and cherishing the joyful responses.

Enjoying the warm weather and deciding that we really
should get chairs that aren't falling apart.

Finding chairs for free on craigslist.
Bada bing bada boom.

Lots of naps for me and studying for him (:

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