Thursday, April 10, 2014

Dear Little One//16 Weeks

Dear Little One,
Happy 16 weeks!
You're officially 4 months old now,
growing finger nails, toe nails, and the finest of hair.

Its been raining a lot here lately,
and you and I seem to have caught a cold,
so we're enjoying lots of extra cuddles and moving at a bit slower pace.
Your Aunt and Uncles and Grandmas and Granpas
and Great Grandmas and Great Grandpas and your Great Great Grandma
were just thrilled to hear that you are here! Its been so much fun to 
celebrate you in the unique ways that each person in your family loves you.
You're beginning to show the tiniest bit and that makes me so very happy (:
I'm very hungry and tired so I have a feeling that you're growing
quite a lot and may be showing yourself a good bit more soon.
So excited to see you more and get to know you better,

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