Tuesday, April 15, 2014

 It was a quick trip but chock full of wedding stuff and catching up with the families.
It was beautiful to see how our family has surrounded Jon and Jessie
and every detail was pulled off by Mom and Dad Burkhardt's hard work
and dedication to Jon and Jessie's joy in the wedding. 
From the food to the beautiful wooden cross 
(that Dad built by hand! Have I married into the creative family or what?)
to every minute detail in the decorations, our family's hard work
and loving touch was in and on everything.
And there were so many funny little moments, 
from the DJ almost not making it in time, to the little ring bearer losing his way,
to the groomsman's adorable but humor filled speeches,
the day was filled with light hearted laughter and sweet blessings.
Like the rain that held off until just as the 
wedding party finished their pictures. 
Man oh man you better believe the whole family was praying
that rain would just wait a litttttle bit longer all morning! 

And we loved learning from Dad Beagle how to maneuver on his paddle board.
Again, how cool is our family?
We played in between the rain showers and as we finished
an absolute downpour came which was delightful in its own way.
We sat in the shelter and chatted and caught up while
enjoying the beauty of a rainstorm you can only experience on 
a balmy FL afternoon.

And we did see April!
and Mama.....
I promise, we did.
Sometimes its hard to get pictures of those two (: 

Until next time,
we love you guys!

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