Thursday, May 8, 2014

Dear Little One// 20 Weeks

My Dear Little One,
There's this movie called "Fiddler On The Roof", it's one of your Papa's
and I's favorites so I'm sure you'll see it soon (:
In this movie one of the characters after a season of hardship and longing
and then being given what he thought he would never have,
breaks out in a song of worship singing
"Wonders of wonders! Miracles of miracles! 
God has made a man of me today!".

That song has been on my mind and in my heart a lot lately,
not that God has made me a man (ha!), but in that God has made me a Mama.
What I have yearned for and longed for for quite awhile
and wondered if it would ever be....

"Wonders of wonders, miracles of miracles,
but of all God's miracles great and small,
the most miraculous one of all,
is the one I thought could never be,
God has given you to me"

My heart sings this song all the day long.
As I ponder how God is currently forming your inward parts 
and knitting you together within me and that you are 
so beautifully and wonderfully made already.
As that song echoes in my mind,
I praise God that He already knows you and loves you 
and has before the beginning of time.
That He knows your character. What makes you laugh. What makes you cry.
What will move your heart. What and who you will love with your whole being.
And I pray and long that you come to love our God and to strive to know Him as he knows you.
I yearn for you to know the joy found at the cross
where Christ declared His deep powerful love for you.

I also think about what a wonder it is that I get the joy and privilege of "housing"
you during this time. That God has beautifully created my being to give you sustenance, 
even when I am exhausted and wonder how this body of mine is sustaining two people,
 your body will still receive what it needs from mine.

With that said,
Happy 20 weeks my precious little one!
I cannot believe we are halfway through this adventure together,
and I cherish every bit. Even the sleepless nights and crazy night mares (;
because even those moments are special and a part of this
wonder of a journey.

I love you my sweet child.


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