Monday, May 12, 2014

The summer wind and adventure days

All last week warm sunny weather would play with
whether it wanted to come or not
and then summer came with rush on Thursday
with 91 degrees (!!) and intense sun rays.
And coming from the girl that really doesn't care for summer,
it was delightful (:
And it jumpstarted a very fun few days.
From rooftop picnics with friends, to eating ice chips and hiding from the heat for awhile,
(because you guys, going from a rainy 50 to a sunny 91 is quite the adjustment!)
to walks in between t-storms so we could find the flowers,
to receiving swaddle blankets as my first mothers day gift,
to practicing swaddling with my favorite little man,
to celebrating Bethany graduating and getting to see the dear Woodfin family,
and eating a reeeeeally good hot dog (:
Such sweet tender days.
And those sweet days ushered in one of my favorite weekends ever!

It started with Josh telling me we were buying a new patio set
(somebody in our building broke our old one and I've eyed everyone suspiciously since...)
and its beautiful.
To muffins and a latte, to random hilarious Mothers Day greetings from a stranger man,
to receiving my Mother's Day gift,
a vintage Radio Flyer Trike!!
The same one that I had has a little girl and that Josh's Dad rode when he was little!
I know we're YEARS from it being used, but it was such a sweet fun Mother's Day gift (:
We then soaked up the sun, while Josh polished that sweet little trike,
until we remembered we had a fancy event in an hr,
so we rushed and fancied up,
had wonderful learning conversations with friends,
ate good food,
and bailed early so that we could get some Miko's
and go laugh with other friends and cuddle their newborn baby girl.
Sunday was filled with church, sunny bike rides,
and napping the whole afternoon away while it thunderstormed outside.

best weekend ever (:
One I will treasure for years to come.


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