Friday, July 18, 2014

Dear Little One// 30 weeks

30 weeks!!
Look at us little man!
I am so so proud of us and that we've made it this far,
it feels like such a major milestone and I am so so happy.
You're definitely growing and stretching out
which includes getting your foot stuck in my ribcage every so often :P
In other news, we passed the dreaded glucose test with flying colors!
Neither you or I are sleeping much at night these days,
not much meaning really not at all....
but I think its my body preparing for the days when you are here
on the outside and that makes me so happy and excited.
It is so beautiful to me how God creates my body to sustain
you both during pregancy and after you are here
and that my body naturally prepares for that.
But maybe lets stop kicking my ribs quite so much at 3 am huh?

I love you so very much Little One,


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