Thursday, July 24, 2014

Dear Little One// 31 weeks

Dear Little One,
It looks like you and I may be a bit farther along than we thought!
We're currently measuring 34 weeks, so you may come a little sooner 
than the midwives were planning
(but you and I knew this all along didn't we? ;))
And I am very glad, for sweet Little One
I am so so tired.
I am so loving and cherishing this season of us being together
and wouldn't trade it for a thousand nights of more than a couple hours sleep.
But I am tired, much more tired than I thought I would be at this stage.
I find myself longing for the soon to come days 
where sleepless nights meaning caring for and cuddling you
instead of counting the hours till the morning light.
You stopped kicking sometime last week
and now move in more "grunting" movements,
so I think you are running out of space in there.
Sorry about that buddy...
Can't wait till you're out here and cuddled close to us!


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