Friday, August 15, 2014

Dear LIttle One // 34 weeks

Sweet Little One,
We're having so much fun (:
You are nearly constantly playing and poking your bony little bum
out for me to pat or play tag with.
And you just LOVE when your Papa lays his arm across
me and you kick and kick as hard as you can until you kick
it off and then wiggle until he puts it back on and the game begins again.
Still not much sleep going on over here,
you prefer to play with either me or your Papa all night
and while we're tired we also think its pretty cute.
And we have wipes!!
Lots and lots of wipes!
I was just giddy when they came in the mail,
I now feel ready for you (;
We're so enjoying and cherishing these last
days (weeks....) of carrying you inside of me
and feeling you getting bigger and stronger by the day.

Happy 34 weeks little man (:


P.S. So what's with you loving those pink wintergreen mints huh?
Seriously, EVERYDAY you want more.
What is with that??
You know carrots give you laser eyes right?
Why don't we crave some of those..... 

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