Wednesday, August 13, 2014


Today I'm extra grateful for

~A fridge full of strawberries, cucumbers, lettuce,
carrots, peppers, and all sorts of other summer produce

~Little miracles on the bus.
Like watching a lady get on and not being able to pay
and without asking several people got up and 
gave money until she was paid for.
And the bus driver wasn't even going to charge her.

~All natural remedies

~The iPhoto screen saver.
We could watch it for hours.

~Birthday wishes that stretch over days
because the mail and my phone is stupid sometimes

~Early afternoons off work that mean we're 
going to our spot to watch sailboats and daydream

~Feeling Little One play and trying to figure
out what body part of his I'm playing tag with
(its usually his bum :))

~Beautiful buildings

~Happy mail days

~Cupcake ATM's

~L.M. Montgomery

Always and forever.

Happy Wednesday,


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