Friday, August 22, 2014

Dear Little One // 35 weeks

 Dear Little One,
Trace Adkins' "You're gonna miss this" keeps running through my head.
As I count how many onesies we have just one more time.
As we walk in the mornings and I wonder how many more times I'll walk
with you in my belly before I'm walking with you in my arms.
As I try to figure out an appropriate response to the silly remarks men make in regard 
to how soon you're coming. As elderly ladies tentatively ask if they can feel you
and exclaim "my goodness! That is ALL baby!". 
As I look at my closet and wonder what will continue to stretch over you
and what you'll let me wear without punching the waistline all day long.
As I roll over in bed and feel you roll and tumble too.
As you do your little bum wiggle thing and I wonder for the thousandth
time what that's going to look like when you're out here.
I'm not sure if its because you're coming soon or because I'm aware
of the fragility of of fertility and that this may be the only time I carry a child within me,
but each passing day you continue to grow and live inside me I cherish deeply.
But I am also so very excited to meet you out HERE.
As I feel you move with frustration and get the hiccups again,
I think about how much you will enjoy being out here.
How you will love cuddling with your Papa,
the feel and smell of the autumn breeze on your skin,
and how you will be able to move and ninja chop to your hearts content
which will surely help those hiccups (;

I love you so very much my sweet boy
and I am just so happy that you're here
and very nearly, almost, truly HERE.


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