Sunday, August 31, 2014

Dear Little One // 36.5 weeks

Dear Little One,
We're here, at the end, the last days.
(well weeks actually but days seem easier so that's what we'll go with ;))
You surprised me by celebrating the morning of 36 weeks with a couple hours
of practice labor. That was intense and really really neat!
To feel my body contracting and preparing was so wonderful and quite incredible.
You practiced some more late that night/early the next morning and 
I wondered if that meant you were coming in the next couple days.
But no, a couple days have gone by and you seem quite content (:
This is such an interesting time.
The end of anything is kind of awkward, a suspension 
between an ending and a beginning, simultaneously somber and delightful.
I'm finding us to be no different.
And it shows in the varying looks we receive while out and about!
Ranging from a motherly/fatherly joy from older people to looks of pity 
from young parents to looks of alarm and fear from bus drivers and young people alike (;
I hear words of encouragement such as what a sweet fleeting time this is
and then also words of survival,
"just keep going!"
"You're almost there mama!"
I cherish it all (:
For it is all true.
This IS such a sweet sweet time for us my dear Little One,
a beautiful time sprinkled with deep aching tired and general end of pregnancy discomforts, 
and a constant vacillating between enjoying you here inside my womb and 
longing for you to be here in my arms.
We are so eager and ready to meet you my sweet ninja.
I will forever hold this time of us fondly in my heart 
and will enjoy these last weeks in every way.
I love you Little One.


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