Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Hello September!

Its here! Its finally truly here!
I've always especially loved the fall season
and this year with the coming of Little One just makes it all the more special.
My sweet autumn baby (:
Now if the weather would just catch up to the memo....
I mean we have had the mildest summer EVER
up until this week and now it is crazy hot and humid.
And man can you tell it from my swollen feet and ankles.
Oi vey.
I am so very grateful for our little air conditioning unit and ice cold root beer (:

As the boys and I were walking the other day one of them
found a brown leaf and exclaimed "the leaves are turning color!! baby is coming! baby is coming!"
and it thrilled my heart to no end. We have said since winter that 
"when the leaves turn color and wind blows cold, then Little One will come"
and the boys have faithfully inspected leaves and wind since then,
often bringing me dark green leaves claiming that they were changing colors
and it was time for Little One to come (:

So welcome September,
we've been waiting for you all year

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