Sunday, September 14, 2014

Week One

  • first kisses
  • first "baby burrito"
  • first family ride in the jeep
  • first Dr.'s appt (gained 4 oz and grew an inch!!)
  • first family walk
  • first farmers market
  • first baby date
  • first cold front
  • first book (and yes, a brand new belly button :))
  • first time wearing Papa's baby clothes
  • first birthday gifts 
  • first time at church
  • first time parking lot sunning (need to get in that vit D!)
  • first bowtie (:

and of course lots and lots and lots of snuggles,
its pretty much all we do around here anymore (;

This week has been such a surreal one.
Overflowing with such blissful joy and amazement that
these moments are actually happening.
That he's really truly here.

For real.

We're still pinching ourselves.

This has been such an echo of our honeymoon.
Days flowing seamlessly together, days of joyfully learning and 
feeling as if we have always been us three.
Days of implementing new rhythms and adjusting old ones.
Of walks and long talks with lots of laughter and some tears.

Such tender days.
Such raw days.

And to think I thought I could prepare for this.

NOTHING could have prepared us for this perfect overwhelming
of love and joy mixed with tenderness in every form.

We are cherishing every moment of it.

the burkhardt 3

P.S. I should note that I (lyss) have yet to change a diaper.
Josh is SUPER DAD. 
But we all knew he would be (;

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