Monday, September 29, 2014

week three

Week three hit us hard and fast.
Surprise school assignments for him (hefty ones of course),
A body that all the sudden realized it gave birth and "oi that kind of hurts" for her,
and a growth spurt (or two) for little him.
With lots of sweet funny moments to spare.
Like how everytime we go to get Jedidiah out of his carseat
we find him with his hat pulled over his eyes and the cutest little pout you've ever seen.
Or how everytime I hum a song I catch Jedidiah staring at me.
That day when we had church membership class
and Jedidiah and I ended up exploring the beautiful old building together.
Or Monday night when Josh came home late and Little One was all smiles
and kissy faces for his Papa's homecoming.
Or that morning where Husband surprised me with a new phone 
that takes pictures like a dream and doesn't misplace texts I haven't read yet.
Or that day where we celebrated Little One's due date (and that he came early :))
That day when I put on my skinny skinny jeans and they fit. Booyah.
And the day when we went to the Dr. who was all praises
for weight gained and milemarkers reached and we couldn't have possibly
 glowed more with pride for our little guy.
Except for maybe everytime we go to church and Husband walks off with Little One
and next thing I know there's a crowd (yes, CROWD) around both of them
ooh and ahhing with words of praise and love 
and my mama heart just explodes.

And then there's this....

moments where every daydream and longing for a little family
comes true over and over again.
Complete with a burp cloth to at least attempt at minimizing the laundry :P

Happy Monday.


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  1. LOVE it, especially that last picture. Lyss, your hair is getting so long! I like it that way