Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Dear Jedidiah // One Month

Dear Jedidiah,
Happy one month my sweet boy!!
People keep saying "Can you believe its been a month already?!?"
and to be honest I can't believe its only been a month.
As I try to remember life before you were here it completely baffles me.
Haven't you always been here?
Haven't we always kisses your rapidly growing in chunkiness cheeks?
Haven't we always danced and bounced to "hey mama" to help the gasses?
Haven't we always laughed at your old man grumbles and faces?
Maybe its these new mama hormones,
but its brings tears to my eyes when I try to
 remember  my days before you filled them.
Don't hear me wrong my little love,
Papa and I deeply enjoyed our life just the two of us,
but somehow you have made our life so much MORE
and I just cannot remember our days without you.
From our nights filled with snuggles and your funny grunts reminding us
that you're a growing boy and you need to eat,
to our days filled with adventures and more snuggles and watching you 
learn and grow before our eyes,
our days are just so much more because you are in them.
Our hearts, lives, and days simply explode in delight and love of you.

So glad you're here Little One,
happy one month.


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  1. Lump in throat!! I love you little man, and your beautiful Mama and your amazing Papa. God has blessed beyond my hopes and dreams