Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dear Mom, I know you're reading this but somehow I find courage in pretending I'm writing about you instead of to you.... Silly, I know (:

I cannot believe the privilege I get to have of being a "Burkhardt".
This family I get to call mine is INCREDIBLY creative and skilled. One example of this is that my Mom makes beautiful weddings cakes (she made ours!) and her skills and eye for detail 
know no bounds!
She recruited Husband to help in decorating the said cake and I as watched them work I think
I fell in love with Husband and this dear family in a new, deeper way.

Too bad I can't keep up with their crazy skills (;

And these two spent the whole evening in a corner by themselves flirting and dreaming....
ahhh, the days of being boyfriend and girlfriend (:


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