Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Boys

For as long as I can remember we've called these two "the boys".
I'm not sure if it came out of them being twins or always in mischief together (;
but it makes my heart a little heavy to watch them grow up.
These boys who I held when they were scary small, ran to keep them from crawling 
out of the barricade we'd make for them to keep them in the living room so we could get 
a little school done, and promised years and years from now I'd teach them how to drive.
Well, the time to teach has come and gone (so sorry I wasn't there Eric!) and "the boys" are a breath
away from becoming men.
I'm so grateful we got to have a picnic together and I can't 
wait to spend more time with them when they come in just 21 days!

Don't grow any taller before you get here, 'k?



  1. time has whizzed by so fast!!
    BTW, "the boys" was started cuz I didn't want to call them "the twins."
    They were often called "twins" which started as a message board typo and then Mrs. M in Boston said it meant two cherubs.

    Love you "Sweet Pea" and my "son in love" aka "my other son,"
    "Momma" (not a typo, purposely speller the way y'all used to put it on my gifts)