Tuesday, September 18, 2012


 it was everywhere on this sweet day.
 It was found on the the open admiration found on the two people's faces who's 
beautiful friendship has now turned them into lover's. 
It was found with soft nostalgia on every couple's face who have made that declaration 
and commitment themselves on a day long ago. 
It was stamped on the fingerprints of helping hands found here and there and everywhere. 
It was in the tears of the mothers who watched their little ones run off to the adventure 
of truly learning how to love. It was in the joy of everyone as we lifted little tubes of bubbles
 up to our lips and blew them with our hopes and dreams for their happiness. 
It was so openly displayed on the groom as he openly adored his beloved and with every glance declared his adoration and want for her for the world to look on and sigh with joy.
 It was seen quietly on the sweet bride's face as she ran to see to every little detail and then would turn and beam with love and want at her beloved.

 Oh, it was all too lovely to portray.

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  1. Well, I'd say you portrayed pretty well! Your way with words is beautiful. Really.