Thursday, September 20, 2012

In which I blow the comfort zone wide open

So I had the incredible opportunity to assist a world renown photographer on a photo shoot last night
(What! Is this real life?!)
and I walked away feeling like I presented myself badly and realizing I know ZILCHO about lighting.

Well, I learned some other things too.

Like don't piss off a model, they know more curse words 
and how to accurately use them than a sailor.

Boudoir inspired shoots make me blush,
and after 7 hours of solid blushing I don't think I'll need blush for a couple months.

I like natural light and illuminating dark alley ways in the middle of downtown
with a scantily clad model is not my forte.

Once you hit hour 3 of holding a light over your head your neck gets a lovely kink
(which FYI has still not gone away. Ouch.)

Once I go into awkward mode,
 there is no going back.

Moral of the story?
I'm not sure yet.
Maybe after that kink goes away I'll know.....


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