Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Yesterday after work and school we took ourselves (and our expired groupon, boo)
out to an early dinner where we had a delicious burger and CAKE.
I'm not really a fan of cake, but this cake I really like.
Maybe because its only half cake, the other half is something amazingly creamy and delicious.
Which after we started eating realized most likely contained dairy.
Oh well.
We also received letters and packages from family yesterday!
Which had us holding our sides in pain from laughter
and tearing up from the feeling of being loved and thought of.

And this morning I'm dreaming of schemes of how to go south on 
spring break. So not going to happen but I'm going to dream of sun on my shoulders
and laughter over family dinners anyway.

All in all it was a lovely conclusion to a sad snowless monday.

Hugs from family and cake,
I mean could there be a better way to end a day? (:


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