Thursday, March 7, 2013

I have become a homemaker.
I'm not sure when it happened. I know I wasn't one last year at this time.
Don't get me wrong, I cleaned my house and cared that our home was lovely to the eye.
I have always enjoyed the artistry of homemaking,
Putting this here and that there, what is the best way to arrange the furniture so that
we can move around the room and it is still beautiful?
How can I make this "place" into a home that accurately communicates our beliefs and joys?
I have always enjoyed that aspect.
But I WAS NOT a homemaker. This is a new thing.
The joy of learning new cleaning tricks, an itch to organize, 
and this craftiness that has come out.

I made dryer balls out of yarn.
And I like them better than my beloved vanilla lavender dryer sheets.
This is weird.

We cleaned our windows last weekend because I wondered
 how much the dirt was blocking the light (yeah, I know. gross)
 and all of the sudden I was eager for spring cleaning.
As in I've been thinking about it all week.
As in I've been making lists and planning to wipe down walls, clean the mattresses,
clean UNDER the fridge, and on and on.
I am SO not kidding.

Who is this person?!? 

It's kind of exciting,
 honing my skill of caring for the home,
and its kind of weird at the same time.
Am I just behind the ball on this?
Does everyone else go through this their first year of marriage and 
I just wait till I'm almost on my THIRD?
Oh well (:

Spring cleaning here we go!


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