Friday, March 8, 2013


I just got home and I've been muttering all sorts of
unkind things against the city because transit is all messed up
and it took me an hour and half to get home.

I'm making myself dinner,
which I'm usually really bad about.
I feel so weird about making an actual dinner for myself 
when I get home late in the evenings, so I either don't eat or eat something
really weird like a pop tart.

I promise I'm 23 1/2. Really I am.

But tonight as I trudged in with cold and achey bones I decided that 
I needed to love myself well and actually make myself dinner.
So I put on some lovely music and took my time making 
something yummy.

It was a rough day.

All of my nanny families (I have 3 families at the moment) are going through hard times
and I find myself unconsciously trying to bear some of the weight for them.
And no matter how hard we try to protect them,
these hard things affect my littles.
And they act out.
Today was a day of acting out.
Quick tempers, long and loud tantrums, and lots and lots of needs.
Understanding and lots of cuddles were needed.

Today was hard.
I am tired.


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