Monday, April 21, 2014

Dear Little One// Week 17

Dear Little One,
My goodness! You put on quite the show for your Papa tonight! 
We were sitting together this evening after dinner when 
your Papa decided to try and feel you moving. 
You moved a bit, but then Papa started talking, and you really started grooving!
It was such a wonderful moment, sitting there as Papa 
talked about this and that and you responding with moving more than
you ever have before.

We love you so very much.

We love learning you.

Knowing that you enjoy early mornings
and love the sound of Papa's voice.
That you like red meat best and root beer a close second.
You are NOT a fan of being constrained 
(no more tight waist pants for me :P)
and you would be very happy if I was eating
every moment of every day.

Happy week 17 my little love,


P.S. Grandma sent us a box of goodies for you!
Can't wait for you to come out and see them!

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