Thursday, July 31, 2014

Dear Little One// 32 weeks

Hello Little One,
Oy vey. This has been a week.
You seem to be very frustrated and wiggle and worm and push your little bum
for more room that just isn't there.
 And sleep?
Who sleeps??

We're almost there little ninja, we're so so close.
I know you're getting tired of the constriction of being there
but you need to grow just a bit more
before you come out here.

So stay inside just a couple weeks (at least)
more and when you come out we'll party hard 
and you'll hardly remember these days.

But I will cherish them for the rest of my life
and I'm sure recount them to you over and over,
for you are so very precious to me and Papa
and we can still hardly grasp the sweet truth that you are here
and very nearly HERE here.

We are so happy Little One,
so very very happy.
Your Papa practically glows with the joy of you (:

Just a little bit longer,


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