Friday, August 8, 2014

Dear Little One// 33 weeks

Dear Little One,
This week has been SO much better!
You dropped about halfway through the week and 
suddenly you seemed to have much more room.
No more getting stuck in my ribs and much happier movements (:
We also were looking at my new prenatal vitamins to make 
sure you and I were getting enough magnesium
only to find that there was dairy in them.
Sorry about that buddy,
no wonder we were having a hard time.
We both seem to be on the mend,
and while we're still not really sleeping,
the sleep we are getting is much much better.

We're crossing the last bit of things off our list in preparation for you!
But your Papa wants you to know that does NOT mean you can come just yet,
you need to wait until September comes Little One and then you can come.
The boys and I have been saying for months now that
"when the leaves turn color and the winds blow cold then Little One will come"
and it is just thrilling to think that that time isn't far off (:


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