Monday, August 11, 2014


All I wanted was some sushi and a cupcake
and maybe some photobooth pictures....
and instead I was spoiled with words of love from everyone
I care for and all my favorite things for days on end.
I'm STILL getting birthday messages and gifts!
It started when I walked into work on Friday to find
so many gifts from my nanny family.
It was the sweetest thing.
The boys helped me open all of them with the cutest commentary
of why they bought what AND they bought gifts for Little One too.
I am so overwhelmed by how that sweet family loves me sometimes.

Husband filled Saturday with lovely meanderings, lots of slow walks,
 so much good food, several naps (he know me so well ;))
and the surprise of some new records I've been eyeing for awhile now.
Earlier in the week he gave me a whole wad of cash and told
me to spend it in my birthday week however I wanted,
which should include some coffee, getting a pedicure, and several thrift store trips
where he would not judge me for how many baby onesies I bought (:

24 was my favorite year yet.
God brought so much joy and healing in this past year
and while I know 25 will probably be even better
(I mean, hello baby!)
its kind of hard to imagine.
I am so so grateful for this past year
and the people that God brought in it that made
it so very sweet and beautiful.

This birthday was my very favorite yet.
From the words of love, to Little One moving so much 
and giving me his own little birthday wishes,
to Husband looking at me with "the" eyes
and knowing we've never been happier,
I am so humbled by the life God has given me.

Even if the photobooth was broken....
typical Burkhardt story right? (;

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